Sunday, 10 May 2015

Abandoned school #5, Hong Kong

School hall.
Same as other abandoned village school, this school has been also abandoned for years. This one is fairly big compared to other village schools. There are a few complexes on a big land, including hall, classrooms and a big garden, which was possibly a playground, now with tall trees and dense green grass.

Accessing to this school is not as difficult as other village schools though. It is far from city but it is accessible by public transportation and not much walk is required. The only issue is mosquitoes- same as all the other abandonments.

The school hall is known to many teenagers in Hong Kong, as it was used to film a music video of a HK boys group, who is often being made fun of, regarding their music and fashion sense.

Summer is the raining season in Hong Kong. Rainy and hot weather, plus mosquitoes- level up the difficulties to exploring, so I tend to be less active in Summer...

A lonely desk.

Surprised to see some quality graffiti there.


Maybe it will turn into a forest.

Hope for sunny days.


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